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Anal Orgasm Is Real! Find Out How  Tips & Facts   Anal Orgasm Is Real! Find Out How

Anal Orgasm Is Real! Find Out How

Anal Orgasm Is Real!


Orgasms come in all different varieties. There’s the clitoral orgasm, the G-spot orgasm, the cervical orgasm, even something called the core orgasm, or “core-gasm,” which some women can experience by using their core muscles during a workout.


But the one type of climax most women don’t know about is anal orgasm. Yep, this actually exists. Yet before you give the idea of a backdoor climax the side-eye, let sex experts explain why this area is a secret erogenous zone—and how stimulating it can deepen your sexual pleasure.


What an anal orgasm is, exactly


An anal orgasm is exactly what it sounds like — an orgasm that’s achieved through anal stimulation.


We’re talking touching, licking, fingering, penetration, and more. If it feels good, anything goes! The anus is [packed] with nerves, especially the incredibly erogenous pudendal nerve—which connects to the clitoris. The pudendal nerve carries sensation to and from your perineum, reaching your vagina, vulva, and anus, too.

How does an Anal Orgasm feel?


It feels like intense waves of pleasure that begin deep inside your body and radiate through the rest of your body. In other words: Ah-mazing.

How to get Started!


Some women may hit this high note during penetrative anal sex with their partner’s penis, while others get there via lighter touching or using toys. Like any other kind of orgasm, there’s no “right” way to do it, and every woman has her own technique depending on what feels good for her body and her own comfort level.


If you’re the receiving partner


Being relaxed and aroused is key, especially if this is your first foray into butt play.

Here are some ideas and other tips to get you started:


  • Indulge in something erotic. The more turned on you are, the easier and more enjoyable butt play will be. Watch porn, listen to an erotic story, or just close your eyes and fantasize.
  • Take a hot bath. A hot bath before anal play will help loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow to all your bits. Use bath time to give your erogenous zones a good rub-a-dub and show your anus some love while you wash up.
  • Practice with a butt plug. Sex toys can help you get a feel for anal play before experimenting with your partner. Take things slow and enjoy the feeling of the toy teasing your butt before inserting it.
  • Stock up on lube. There’s no such thing as too much lube when it comes to anal. It isn’t just about the delightful slip and slide, but also an important part of anal sex safety.


If you’re the giving partner


As the giver, you need to bring your A-game. A little prep can help you help them have that anal orgasm:


  • Groom those hands. Trim and file your nails to prevent tearing delicate skin. Short nails also mean less space for dirt and bacteria to hide. While we’re on the subject of bacteria, don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly before going in.
  • Get in the mood. Foreplay can help get you both ready for what’s to come and make entry into that special spot easier. Touching, kissing, and licking the buttocks and the area around the anus is a good way to get the party started.

Anal play for woman


People with vulvas may also find that, just as with a G-spot orgasm, it can be easier to experience an anal orgasm if you climax in your ‘preferred way’ first. So if you’re someone who usually needs clitoral stimulation to come, have your first orgasm that way, then move onto the anal fun. This can also help to relax your anal muscles, too, making things more comfortable.

Anal play for men


Often, the key to anal orgasms for people with penises is prostate stimulation. You can feel the prostate gland a few inches inside the anus on the wall closest to the stomach as a firm, round, textured area about the size of a walnut, and just like the G-spot in women, it generally requires firm (but not rough!) stimulation for maximum pleasure.


To rub against the surface of the prostate, suggesting either using fingers or a prostate massager that delivers a ‘come-hither’ motion. That way, you can experiment with different pressures and strokes to find what works for you/your partner.


For some men, this prostate massage is enough to bring them to climax without any extra stimulation. For others, however, it may need to be combined with added play to get them over the finish line. But what you may find is that during prostate play, there’s a lot more pre-cum that comes out before ejaculation occurs – this is a result of what is known as prostate milking.

Techniques to reach Anal Orgasm


With your fingers


  • Come hither. Slowly insert your lubed finger into the anus and curl your finger upward in a “come hither” motion. Gradually increase the depth and speed — and, if desired, try inserting a second finger. Once you find a depth and pace that feels good, continue the motion and allow the pleasure to build.
  • Doorbell. From the inside or outside, find the spot that makes them go “oooh” with your finger and press your finger pad against it as if ringing a doorbell. Start with light pressure, gradually increasing the pressure and speed.
  • Circling. Rub the pad of your finger in a circular motion in the area of the A-spot or P-spot. Start circling the area slowly and gradually pick up the pace at your partner’s request — or based on their oohs and ahs. Play with pressure, as well as speed, to find the magic combo.
  • Simulated vibration. A little hard on the wrist, but if you speed up any move fast enough you can simulate vibration. Save this for when they’re close to the brink to avoid carpal tunnel.


With your penis, a strap-on, or other sex toys


  • Pressure. Applying more or less pressure can help you find the sweet spot.
  • Depth. No two butts are exactly alike, so play with depth to figure out how deep you need to go to hit the right spot. Take it slow and gentle —unless you get the OK to do more.
  • Vibrations. You can find vibrating massagers with different vibe and pulse settings. Try out the different combos to find what works best. Up the vibration when climax is near to take things over the edge.
  • Internal/external. Some sex toys work double duty thanks to an external vibe that stimulates the perineum or clitoris during penetration. You can also buy a dual penetrator vibrator to DP the anus and vag at the same time. Can we get a hallelujah!



The bottom can be loads of fun, and an anal orgasm is worth pursuing. Even if you don’t have one, chances are you’ll have some type of orgasm along the way. Be prepared, go slow, and enjoy all the pleasure the butt has to offer.

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